Victor Boullet

Philip Glass, 5th October 1995 New York City,
Victor Boullet

Portraying someone connected to culture or fame can be a way of climbing a social ladder just by being associated with the sitter, I have used this to my advantage, but this was not the case that day I rang Philip Glass, I was a fan and bored. The playing stopped. Silence. Footsteps. There he was in front of me, Philip Glass. He looked at me with a startled expression, first at my face, then down at my shoes. He then rapidly moved his eyeballs towards my yellow plastic suitcase containing my camera, he lifted his head and sort of looked behind me, and uttered: is that all?

152 pages
21 x 27 cm
Colour Offset

ISBN 978-1-908806-07-9

Published by Antenne Publishing (link)