Victor Boullet


Some years back an arsehole-artist, propper scum. At an opening he threw his empty pinapple-juice carton on to the floor, pavement, tarmac blah blah rant - I get so worked up. LITTER Litter. This utter muck-lad-litter-fuck has no aesthetics whats-over, he's a nil, nil artist, nil human, what a poseur, phoney, fuck him - ohh I have deleted, I have erased, rant rant ZORN! Eine große saftige tropische Frucht up his G ass! twat. DIE - ZORN! ZORN! (I might release the full text, ? yes, all to come) (It should be a 1 liter carton)  yob muck lad) 

KA Pineapple XS carton. 2017(Windsor Street L8)

KA Pineapple XS carton. 2017(Upper Warick Street L8)

KA Pineapple can. 2017 (Upper Parliament Street L8) 
This is not the a carton, but a can I can see that, but I get just as worked up and angry, so here you go.

KA pineapple XS. ll - 2017

KA pineapple XS. l - 2017

morrrisons pinapple argg Pineapple Juice Size XS

ASDA Pineapple Juice L  
ASDA Pineapple Juice Size L.  


ASDA Pineapple Juice X several.