Victor Boullet


Some years back an arsehole-artist, propper scum. At an opening he threw his empty pinapple-juice carton on to the floor, pavement, tarmac blah blah rant - I get so worked up. LITTER Litter. This utter muck-lad-litter-fuck has no aesthetics whats-over, he's a nil, nil artist, nil human, what a poseur, phoney, fuck him - ohh I have deleted, I have erased, rant rant ZORN! Eine große saftige tropische Frucht up his G ass! twat. DIE - ZORN! ZORN! (I might release the full text, ? yes, all to come) 

KA pineapple XS. ll - 2017

KA pineapple XS. l - 2017

morrrisons pinapple argg Pineapple Juice Size XS

ASDA Pineapple Juice L  
ASDA Pineapple Juice Size L.  


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ASDA Pineapple Juice X several.