Victor Boullet

Dirt Filth Man Dank - 4th October - 29th December - 2015
Performance / Theft / Stalking / Self Residence
Victor Boullet
Berlin, Germany

Text piece l,  Berlin, 2015. 
Text piece ll, Berlin, 2015. (coming) 

I am the flesh colour I did not apply - 2015 
Victor Boullet
La Collection Moderne (Oslo) 

(A Condition of Reoccurring Traditional Initiatives) (Green / Grey) - 2015
Victor Boullet
Chez Rufus - Oslo, Norway

Privat. Offentlig. Transit. Arv. - 2014
Victor Boullet
Fotogalleriet Oslo, Norway

The Harrow The Sparrow The Sorrow -  2014
Victor Boullet
Curated by François Piron
Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norway

A Legacy Worth Nothing - 2014
Victor Boullet
Galerie Joseph Tang / Paris, France

A Legacy Worth Nothing

My name is Victor Boullet. Born 4th of August 1969. Kjelsås. Oslo.
I was brought up in a ground floor flat. Sømveien 23. Phone no 22 15 12 24 
My mother and father got married and divorced at the above address.
The flat is small. The house is big. The garden is enormous for an address in a capital city. 
The house was built by my grandparents they lived on the 1st floor. Hard workers. 
My parents rented the ground floor flat.(bad idea)
My mother was born in Norway. My father was born and bred in Scotland. This is how I present myself: My name is Victor Boullet, I am half Norwegian, half Scottish. My mother has never lived anywhere else but in this house. She would deny that and say: I’ve lived in Scotland. My parents lived for eight months with my grandmother in Scotland. Before my parents got divorced they had only lived as a married couple with their parents.(bad idea) 

My mothers mother died April 2013. My mother can no longer live in the house. This for several reasons. Including a very average inheritance dispute. I am not taking part. I live in Paris. This house is in Oslo. 

This house is affection. The house is conflict.
The pain of change for the people involved cannot be resolved. Family don’t speak. 
Family don’t talk. Family sits, stands, walks, exists only by looking at one another in a constantly muted manner. 
Passing over threshold for the last time will be the beginning. I will not miss the house. I will not miss the neighbours. I will not miss my childhood. I will not miss my mother. I will not miss my family. I will not miss myself. I can now live life without that retreating hole that sucks all vision. I will become me and not that shared working class behaviour that has turned into my conscience. 
From here on all new thoughts are not attached to what I believed was my manufactured truth. Today I am not anchored in the dreams of others. My mind will store memory that has no communal belonging.
The house was a container.
The house was storage.
I could go on forever and never…

Victor Boullet, paris, 2014

A Legacy Worth Nothing project site
A Legacy Worth Nothing image container

Hail You Nincompoop - 2014
Victor Boullet
Galerie Joseph Tang, Paris, France

by Victor Boullet
with special guest Stian Gabrielsen
Kurant, Tromsø, Norway

I need a fridge
I need an oven
I need a cast iron frying pan
I need 18 raw chickens (Rema 1000, please check the date)
I need salt / black pepper (not white pepper or mixed pepper)
I need 15 loaves of bread
I need 10 red apples
I need 1 kg butter, good butter.
I need 2 litres of extra virgin olive oil
I need 6 litres of sunflower oil
I need 1 bottle of Heinz ketchup
I need 1 bottle of Hellman’s mayonnaise
I need 30 litres of sparkling water (not Farris)
I need 2 rolls of paper towels
I need 2 beds / mattresses with neutral coloured linen / please borrow from a hospital I need 2 pillows / with neutral coloured linen / please borrow from a hospital
I need 2 duvets / with neutral coloured linen / please borrow from a hospital
I need 4 shower towels / please borrow from a hospital
I need 2 bars of soap
I need 10 tables, sizes may vary
I need 10 plasterboards size 60X240cm
I need 12 meters of wooden batons (lekter)
I need screws and a screw drill
I need a hand saw
I need 5 litres of grey paint / water based
I need 5 litres of green paint / water based
I need one wide paint brush
I need 8 X10 litre water buckets, don’t need to be new, different colours
I need 2 projectors if possible, no sound
I need extension cords X 10
I need a newspaper ad asking for PLATES AND CUTLERY to be donated / lots
I need a mural to be painted on your facade / I need a painter
I need black material to cover your office windows
I need a A4 B/W laser printer
I need internet

We will live at Kurant for 4 days. We will eat chicken for breakfast, lunch and dinner accompanied only by white bread.

Please place everything I need in the exhibition room. No arranging! Buy beers or whatever you do for your openings, but at 23:00 I will close and lock the doors, everybody will have to leave, Stian needs to work on our book while I construct the show. I’ll open the door Tuesday 22nd October, but sadly we can’t stay, so please make sure to order a taxi to pick us up at 09:15. You can have the official opening the 23rd October at 19:30 - keep it open during INSOMNIA and close the show at 17:00 on 27th October.

Victor Boullet

(I hate the wooden bridge thing in your space, can I tear it down / or cover, if so, I need a crowbar or tarpaulin to cover it. btw. I guess you have coffee there? need that as well!) 

NO SEX NO FACE NO NOSE - project web page

Bonus - 2011
Victor Boullet
Shaynaynay, Paris, France

Forgotten Title  - 2012
Victor Boullet
Mixed media, Size ? 

Cynical Sunday - 2011
Oil on Canvas, 38 cm X 46 cm
Series of 60 Paintings