Victor Boullet

Zwei Todes kollidieren
by Victor Boullet

5 day workshop for 10 students at Oslo art academy. 
8 - 12. feb. 2016 - Oslo (week 6) 

The workshop Zwei Todes kollidieren will be the third and final workshop under the reign of Prof. Dag Erik Elgin in Oslo.

2011 - How To Cook an Omelette / The Rise and Fall of The Institute of Social Hypocrisy
2013 - Salong Maleri / How to Slag off an Artist
2016 - Zwei Todes kollidieren

Zwei Todes kollidieren will take place in five different locations outside the premises of the Oslo Art Academy. (The workshop will predominantly be in Norwegian) 

I consider these workshops a collaborative action. We work together. We achieve together. We will physically knock on doors to see how you live and ask what do you eat, and if possible, could we eat with you. i.e. we become a social cluster with a life span of one working week.
I will talk, if possible, about the future void, where the art students must become their own engine.
No institution to lean on. No invitations in your inbox.
I will talk, if possible, about the creation of the airless-self, the one that protects your identity from all outer, deadly debris. (It’s truly an utopian state of being that must be erased from your to do list.)

The week will be an investigation into self-mobilisation, public-digression and transparency. But maybe, in my cantankerous fashion, I will not talk about what is mentioned above? Because that is my prerogative as an artist or rather a human being, creative contradictions.

Each day, a new day, therefore the following locations will be announced after projects / performance / confrontations / talks / lectures / readings / events have been executed. (I don’t do happenings)

Please note — Small chores will be given in order for the next day to function. There will be a no photo policy. Working material will be handed out on Monday. That is how we will record our movements and cluster activities during what will become the Zwei Todes kollidieren.  

Day 1 — Blah Blah Blah Blah (Fucking a goat in the arse / Crash Course in rapid movements) important content for Artists - Location to be announced. 
Day 2 — platonische Leere - Location to be announced.
Day 3 — Enable your Büro function - self all - GO - Location to be announced.
Day 4 — Popping pills as a group activity - Location to be announced.
Day 5 — So+musst+du+nicht+Helden+noch+Hirten+preisen - Location to be announced.

All workshop movements are done in Oslo, zone 1 and 2, but just in case, if you have a car, and you don’t mind sharing, please let me know. Also, I might need some help, so if all ten can email me, please do! 

e. victorvictorboulletboullet @
p. 908 44 112 - this phone is turned off until I’m in Norway. 

Thank you, and looking forward to seeing you. 

Victor Boullet